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wishing i could stop time... [Nov. 26th, 2005|01:28 pm]
[mood |rejuvenatedrejuvenated]
[music |an overtly violent game played by my brother]

thanksgiving break has been relaxing and fairly uneventful. i have read 4 books and am starting on a fifth (have decided that i should spend my free time adding knowledge instead of killing brain cells). waiting until 7 o clock to see a show on short street, particularly to see dickie and kristin's band, petticoat, petticoat. hopefully kenny, my cousin katie's husband will be there; we always have such a good time. and hopefully kenny will bring his dreamy architect brother, chris (is it incestuous to have a crush on your cousin's husband's brother?? i don't think it is....but it is still leaves me a little squirmy). he is the epitome of my ideal, but of course, he has a pretty serious girlfriend. i now know, sadly, from experience not to get involved with someone who is involved elsewhere; it usually ends in pain, emotional and/or physical.

absolutely dreading the return to centre. should i transfer? i don't know. but the semester is almost over thank god.

i am reading 'rules of attraction' by bret easton ellis; it's about a small, prestigious liberal arts school (sound familiar). the story is definitely meant to be a satire, but it seems to me a slightly exaggerated version of what centre can be at times. the author probably went to a school very similar.